Welcome to Mission Aid Project, Inc.

Mission Aid Project is a 501(c) (3) organization founded in 2007, with years helping families and children. We take pride in empowering and helping families to succeed towards their goal. MAP is a registered organization. Unlike other charities we have a strategy by which we try to help more number of people with less funds. MAP uses the funds to assist families, children and students who are impacted by lack of healthcare, education and housing. Our service is focused on simply meeting the healthcare, education and housing needs.

We help to bring back the old day’s smiles to the families facing problems, mainly financial problems. We personally take care of those families. Education has become an integral part of our life, hence we try to educate less-privileged children, which will later support their families.

Mission Aid Project is based on Tyler Texas and depends on the general public for financial supports. 90% of donated funds go directly to meeting needs, while 10% helps with fundraising efforts and other administrative needs. So please, don’t be back helping out a family, child and students in need. Give them a smile and they will give you something extra, they will give you back a smile with a positive blessing. Considering to help a family? Don’t be late, send us an application about joining our MAP family.

If there is any information you need to know and you’re unable to find it on our website, please do not hesitate to contact us. Thank you again for your time and interest in Mission Aid Project.

About Us

Mission Aid Project’s mission is to empower and help families to succeed towards their goal. Our Vision: Our vision is to become a world advocate in the advancement of health, education and welfare of the underserved and unprivileged. “I founded Mission Aid Project with a goal of assisting homeless children who are affected or infected



Meet our chairman, vice chairman, secretary, and other member who helps to run our organization. This non profit organization is stand for all volunteers hard work.

Donate For

We always fight against poverty and help them who loss everything by natural digester. There are different types of help provide by our volunteer members.

Family General Fund

Help MAP to respond quickly to family emergencies, serious illness, rebuild after disaster, education needs.

Family Healthcare

Imagine a family with serious illness, senior living in pain and not able to afford prescription medicine or a doctor’s visit.

Family Education

Students with educational fortitude but who lack the financial means to see their dreams to fruition. They want to attend college but does not have the financial resources to make that happen

Family Housing

Save families from becoming homeless

MAP Conference on Healthcare and Education

MAP Conference on Healthcare and Education is designed to inspire and empower families to succeed towards their goal. Join MAP and other families as we engage in real time discussion about challenges that mostly impact families in the areas of healthcare and education.

Mission Aid Project will host this conference yearly.

Learn more about Mission Aid Project conference. Our Healthcare and Education solutions for your family. Check back for updates.